Building Unity & Friendship

Thank you to the many families who have supported the Unity Circle Campaign. A further release of Unity Circles is planned for later this year. To join the waitlist and register your interest, please complete the form in the link below.

*Artist impression indicative only and subject to change.

  • Class of 2027 just donated $1000.00
  • Class of 2026 just donated $1000.00
  • Dana Stojanovski just donated $10000.00
  • Hordern-Smith Family just donated $5000.00
  • Hayley, Al, Molly, Bella & Immy just donated $1000.00
  • Conroy Family just donated $2500.00
  • Zara, Eva, Melissa and Greg Cusick just donated $1000.00
  • Cosgriff Family just donated $5000.00
  • Ashley McLeod just donated $1000.00
  • Cavaso Farming just donated $1000.00
  • Amanda McMillan just donated $1000.00
  • Hall Family just donated $2500.00
  • Adam and Linda Bowe just donated $5000.00
  • Gregor Wegner just donated $1000.00
  • Lucy & Georgie Jenkins just donated $1000.00
  • Tim Slater just donated $1000.00
  • Damian Boland just donated $1000.00
  • Michelle and Mark Rawson just donated $1000.00
  • Whelan Family just donated $1000.00
  • Rowena Chow and family just donated $1000.00


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View your Unity Circle along with your message to the School, by clicking on the Unity Circle discs below or by using the search bar.

You can also explore the interconnectedness of our community by searching for a friend or loved one to discover their Unity Circle and the heartfelt messages they've shared with the School. 

Your Unity Circle

Your Unity Circle will form part of a timeless art installation at the entrance to the new Boarding School. In shades of gold, rose gold, silver and bronze, it will serve as a symbol of unity and friendship across our community, connecting the past, present and future.

Through the Unity Circle Campaign, we invite you to make a tax-deductible donation to the School’s Building Fund in support of the Boarding School. 100% of every donation will go specifically to the Boarding School development.

The facilities of the new Boarding School will benefit both day and boarding students by strengthening community, unity and friendship and broadening access and opportunity to enhance learning experiences. The spaces that are currently home to our boarders we be unlocked for use by all students and will be repurposed into fit-for-purpose, modern learning and work spaces while preserving the history and tradition of our legacy as a Boarding School.

We invite you to imagine the possibilities of this amazing new facility in the video below.


"I am proud to lead an organisation that has been supporting the bursary program for over 60 years.  The alumnae community can see firsthand the profound impact a bursary has on recipients and the ripple effect throughout their communities. The Unity Circles Campaign, dedicated to supporting the Boarding School, holds a special place in our hearts. Through this initiative, we're not just supporting the Boarding School construction, but also extending the reach of our Bursary program. We are excited to help provide a Loreto education to empower young women to make a positive impact in the world. Your generous contribution, matched by our funding, will create opportunities that impact future generations, leaving a legacy of empowerment and transformation."

Jane Parker – Class of 1984 and President of the Ex-Students' Association

“I was travelling a lot each day to get to school and my parents wanted me to have more opportunity to study and do well so I came to Loreto Normanhurst in Year 11. I had really good teachers and boarding staff who recognised what I needed and helped me along the way, always going out their way to guide me and encouraging me to try out for leadership positions. I always tried to achieve academically, even though my parents always said, 'just do your best', because I was so grateful for all mum and dad were doing to put me through boarding school."

Ruby Wilson – Class of 2023 and Bursary recipient

"As a director of the Farrell Family Foundation and an alumna of Loreto Normanhurst, I'm proud of the meaningful impact the Indigenous Scholarship program has on the lives of First Nations students who become part of this program. Our family has long supported this program and it's incredibly rewarding to witness how our dedication to providing access to education positively impacts the lives of these young women. Through the Unity Circles campaign we're nurturing a brighter future for students and expanding the reach of the Indigenous Scholarship program. Your generous contribution, matched by our funding, will create opportunities that we hope resonate for generations, leaving a legacy of empowerment and transformation."

Cathy Sertori – Class of 1984 and Farrell Family Foundation

"I boarded from Year 7 and I wouldn't have had the opportunities that I had at Loreto Normanhurst in my home town. I loved the sporting opportunities, swimming and playing water polo. I don't think I would have had those opportunities where I grew up. The support network here is absolutely amazing, they were always checking up and making sure I was alright and letting Dad know. Half the subjects that I did don't even exist at home, subjects like biology and economics - I'm so glad I was able to come here and have these opportunities."

Maddison Willoughby – Class of 2023 and Indigenous Scholarship recipient

“As parents based in Hong Kong, we have witnessed firsthand the profound impact Loreto Normanhurst has had on our daughter's growth and development in a safe and caring environment. Boarding offers students the opportunity to learn, grow and form lifelong friendships. The presence of boarding students enriches the entire school community, bringing with them unique perspectives and experiences that enhance the learning environment for all. We are excited to see what the future holds for our daughter and feel privileged to be part of such a special community."

Stanley and Margery Chan – Current Boarding Parents

Although the primary reason for attending Loreto Normanhurst was the extensive educational and extra-curricular opportunities, I walked away with so much more. I am grateful for the dedicated staff, both in the day and boarding schools, who played a pivotal role in supporting my academic pursuits and personal development throughout my time at Loreto. Their compassionate guidance empowered me to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with confidence. The boarding experience is carefully crafted to inspire growth, cultivate resilience, and instil core values of integrity and compassion in every student."

Ana Leaver – Class of 2019 Boarder

The opportunities I was given and living away from home helped me grow and develop my independence and my whole family noticed. I developed and built really deep connections with both day and boarding girls and even though we all came from different backgrounds I felt like we were all one and we were there for experiences and to support one another. I think that the core of Loreto Normanhurst is that the teachers and boarding staff always wanted the best for you and had your best interests at heart."

Annika Jamieson – Class of 2023 and Bursary recipient

"Reflecting on our journey at Loreto Normanhurst, we feel continually blessed by the profound impact boarding has had on our daughter's education and growth into young adulthood. Despite being a day student, the boarding experience has enriched her learning, broadened her horizons, and fostered meaningful connections with peers from diverse backgrounds. Throughout her years at Normo she has been privileged to spend numerous holidays with boarders from across NSW. This has allowed her love and understanding of rural life to deepen.  As ex-country people and country at heart, it has been wonderful to see our daughter foster great friendships with boarders."

Paul and Amanda Timmins – Proud Current Day Parents

“Beyond academic excellence, the school offered countless opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and deep, lasting friendships. Moreover, the presence of boarding students enriches everyone's educational environment. Their diverse perspectives, experiences, and cultures contribute to a more dynamic and inclusive learning community. They bring unique insights to classroom discussions, broaden horizons through cultural exchange, and inspire their peers to embrace new challenges and opportunities. We're excited to see the future and are honoured to participate in this remarkable journey."

Duncan McGuiness – Past Boarding Parent

Your generosity paves the way for the future education of young Loreto women. Thank you.